With its compact design and light weight, the Carpento 360 is here as an ergonomic, aesthetic caravan that can be towed by any type of vehicle.

The common features of CARPENTO's are the front panoramic glass structure, large interior volume, the ability to stand very comfortably inside, the body structure does not hold wind and the fuel economy it brings.

The CARPENTO 360 model for 4-5 people is offered to your liking with a 4 person sitting and dining group that can be a bed, a 2-person bunk bed with a bottom and top in the back, a useful kitchen and large bathroom.

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Technical data:


Capacity 4-5
Permissible gross weight 750 kg
Net weight 600 kg
Dimensions (cm) 360 x 235 x 195
Interior maximum height (cm) 185
Axel’s number 1
Side wall structure Sandwich panel body
Front sleep bed (cm) 130 x 190
Bunk bed (cm) 70 x 190 (2 pcs.)
Toilete: portable
Cooker: gas
Fridge: 90 l
Sink: single-chamber
Clean water tank: 70 l
Heating options
Interior lightening Led
Road lightening Led
Sunroof 2
Windows graphite / panoramic

Interior layouts:

Standard Equipment of CARPENTO CARAVANS:

  • ALKO Chassis (Chassis, 13 "rim and tire, axle and coupling with brake, Front Support Wheel and Support Legs)
  • ALKO JOKON signaling lamps
  • Caravan Type Door Lock Systems, Tailgate and Adjustable Arm Window
  • 40x40 and 28x28 Imported Ceiling Heki
  • Policarbon Solid Panoramic Windshields and Rear Window Glass
  • Heat Resistant 32 mm FRP Sandwich Panel Body
  • Shock Absorbing Edge Rubber Profile
  • Water and Heat Resistant and Wooden Pattern PVC Coated Floor
  • 50x50mm Anti-Impact Rubber Seal
  • Membrane Coated Poplar Contra Living Space, Kitchen and Bathroom Furniture
  • Tandem Furniture Rails
  • Locked Furniture Handles
  • Sofa and Cushion Upholstery Made of Stain Resistant Fabric
  • Curtains (Front and Rear Windows)
  • Led Lighting and Spots
  • Water and Electricity Indicators and Switch Sockets
  • 13 Pin Vehicle Connection Socket
  • 10 / 20Ah Charger
    / 4,0 mm
  • 220V Power Input and 2 Mt Cable
  • 220V and 12V Fuse Boxes and Fuses
  • 1,0mm / 2,5mm / 4,0mm Fireproof Cabled Electrical Installation in Fireproof Pipe
  • 70 Lt. Polyethylene Clean Water Tank
  • 12V Water Pump
  • Acrylic Shower Tray
  • Bathroom Sink and 12V Spiral Hot-Cold Tap
  • Clean Water and Gray Waste Water Installation with 12mm Special Plastic Pipe
  • Outer Foil Graphics
  • ABS Door Trim
  • Door and Window Fly Screens
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Door Fixing
  • ALKO Shock Absorber

Optional Equipment of CARPENTO CARAVANS:

  • CAN 1 or 2 Cooker and Sink Combination and Faucet
  • CAN 1 or 2 Solo Cooker and CAN Sink and 12V Tap
  • INDEL-B 49 Lt. 12V Refrigerator
  • THETFORD 90 Lt. 12V Refrigerator
  • ASTERM 50 / 90L. 12 Volt Refrigerator
  • THETFORD Portable Potti Portable Toilets
  • THETFORD C223 Cassette Toilet
  • Gel or Lithium Life Batteries (60 / 100A)
  • Solar Energy System (145/185 / 300W Panel + 20Ah Charger + Bracket and Cover + Cable and Connector)
  • LED Reading Lamp
  • 220V Extra Socket and USB
  • 50x70 Imported Large Ceiling Heki
  • External Network Water Connection (City Water)
  • External Shower Cover / Hot-Cold External Shower
  • External Awning Canopy
  • ALKO Stabilizer (AKS ™ 3004)
  • ALKO Coupling Lock
  • ALKO Extra Support Foot
  • CBE Control Panel and Charger (PC100 / PC210)
  • WEBASTO Diesel Ambient Heater
  • TRUMA S2200 Gas Environment Heater
  • TRUMA Thermi 5lt Electric Boiler
  • TRUMA B10 10lt Gas Boiler
  • TRUMA Saphir Compact Floor Type Air Conditioner (Cooling / Heating- Cooling) 220V

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